Friday, January 15, 2010


It's been 10 months since my last post, and for some reason I had a feeling like I should blog about something. On January 1st I lost my little brother to cancer, I have been struggling with this since it happened. I figured to help me out I was gonna write something about him and all the memories we shared, and since I haven't blogged for a year I'm guessing I will be the only one who read's this.

I remember the first time I met Austin my Mom had been dating his dad for a little while and they thought it was time for the two of us to meet. They had decided to take us out riding dirt bikes and four wheelers, perfect because I know everything about that stuff and I'll teach this kid all he needs to know. Little did I know this little bastard was the second coming of Travis Pastrana! He could do anything he wanted on his bike I have never seen anyone ride as good as he did. We immediately became friends, our parents got married shortly after and he moved in with us right before my senior year of high school. Because my mom was "the koolaid mom" Austin became "the koolaid step brother" to me and all of my friends, he would always be in the room listening to all the wisdom high school kids could give. I'd like to think that he looked up to me he would copy a lot of the things I would do whether I was bleaching my hair or wearing pooka shells (sorry Austin). He was always such a good sport, one memory that pops to my head is that one day I decided to buzz off all my hair, knowing me I wasn't going to do it with out a practice round on somebody thank the lord I had this little bro who I could practice these things on. I went up to his room and asked him if I could buzz his hair I remember the look on his face when he turned around and said "are you gonna do it" I answered yes but I want to do yours first just to see how it looks but I promise I will do it if you do. We went out on the deck and I put the #2 attachment on the buzzer and went to town. After I was done I had relised that it was way to short and I wanted a #4 on my head, this didn't go over to well with him he was so upset that I cut his hair so short and I wasn't going to do the same. So after calming the little guy down and letting him drink one of my Dr peppers he put the #4 attachment on and buzzed my head for me. Austin and I became obsessed with bowling in the summer of 2002 we both got our own balls and tried to bowl everyday the two of us and our parents joined a bowling league that summer and it was so much fun. Every Sunday at the sandy lanes they would do all you can bowl for two hours, we went there one Sunday and the two of us bowled 17 games! From wrestling to telling stories around the fire I have so many memories of Austin. I remember the last time I talked to him it was about 3 months ago he sent me a picture of himself with no hair and said "pretty sexy huh", I immediately called him and said well it could be worse you could have bleached hair. We talked for about 5-10 min about bowling and how I was going to go to jack and jill and get his ball back so we could go again. I am so thankful that I got to say goodbye to him before he passed away gave him a hug and told him I loved him. I'll tresure all the memories we had together! Your the man Austin thanks for being such a good person I hope you know how much you meant to me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tales from the job..

So I'm sitting around doing homework and i decided to take a break and write a little blog. I have worked at my place of business for about 4 or 5 months, and I thought i would share some of my strangest moments and moments that really make me upset!

Two weeks before Christmas we closed the doors early and set up for a "special event", red carpet was laid out champagne bottles were pooped the fanciest food you could imagine were served. Why you ask? It was a private shopping event for the "high rollers" who spend a lot of money. So they all lined up outside the door and when we opened up they all filed in, on both sides of the aisle were people dressed up in suits and ties serving beer,wine and champagne. Men and Women were dressed like they were going to the best place in town to eat, I had never seen anything like it in my life! Now I'm sure we have all been in a casino and seen how much money drunk people gamble, now triple that with rich housewives buying clothes for themselves and for others! In 2 hrs i had sold about 3 grand and been hit on about 100 times by 40 yr old women. We were about to close when a lady was shopping for her son who was 19, about 20 min later she had bought 2,000 bucks worth of clothes, all for her son (and all from me..score). It got me thinking who are these peeps that can just drop 2 chips on their son (just on clothes). I'm not mad because i walked away with about 350 buck in about 4 hrs!!

Now I know at the place where I work we pretty much will return everything, but I can't believe how lame people are!! Everyone who reads this please don't do the following! Please don't return a pair of jeans you bought 2 yrs ago and they won't fit because you have lost or gained weight!! Yes this happens all the time!! And the dumb thing is that we probably would take it back! Call me crazy but if I had that problem I would probably take it to goodwill, desert industries or give it away!! It amazes me that people have the balls to do that. Please don't return jeans that you yourself ripped by jumping a fence that's your own fault if your gonna jump fences in 200 dollar pair of jeans you deserve to have them ripped!!!

I had a guy return a leather jacket this weekend because when he bought it he didn't know that it was made in china. And he exchanged it for a more expensive one made in America. When I asked him why he would pay 100 bucks more for pretty much the same jacket he said " I don't mind spending more to keep jobs in America" I thought that was the coolest story anyone had ever told me after returning something. So you crazy people think of that the next time you buy 30 dollar jeans!! HAHAHA I love you all and goodnight!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jeans anyone

I just want to know how much did you pay for your most expensive jeans! I know it sounds weird but it's an experiment that I'm doing! So don't be shy and speak on it! Oh and don't worry im still alive and to those people that keep asking me that, here is and idea.. get on a plane and come see me! Half of my family fly's free!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's True.. I'm still alive

So apparently nobody thinks I'm alive because i haven't put a picture on my blog.. So i am going to show everyone my 1 month beard! Ya so what if this took me a month, and its a little patchy! I think its pure sex! p.s I'm watching 8 mile and its a pretty sweet show.. I think it's time to bring eminem back!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hello everyone, I am sitting around its almost midnight and im not tired so i thought id write a little post that has been on my mind lately. I was just on msn and saw that McCain is pulling closer to Obama because of their last debate. The reason why you ask? well ill tell you it seems that more people that make 55,000 or less now want McCain? The reason because they say when they own their own business and make 250,000 a year they don't want to be taxed more! WOW will someone please tell these stupid people that they are never going to make that much money. Cmon people we all don't even know if we can keep our jobs in this economy anymore. It just blows my mind! I just cant believe we cant "share the wealth" that McCain speaks of? Why not? I promise you people, that if you ever make more than 250,00 which you probably wont(95% of Americans don't) your not going to mind paying extra taxes. Obama wants to tax people that take extra 17 million dollar bonuses and go buy yachts and put this country in debt! It's not "Joe the Plumber" shut up McCain.. It drives me nuts.. It's times like this that im glad our country does not trust the American people to elect our president! No body is going to say it so I will. People, the American dream does not exist anymore! You can't get 250,00 dollars a year without an education, and you can't get an education without student loans, and you can't make any money because your paying off student loans! Unless you have a rich daddy or you come from money, your not going to make 250,000 dollars a year. So come on people lets be smart. If your going to vote for McCain that's fine, but just don't say it's because your going to make 250,000 bucks one day. I love you all, please comment and tell me what you think

Friday, October 3, 2008

Bailout Plan

Instead of bailing out those greedy people who will probably will just buy another house or take a 17 million dollar bonus, listen to my proposal. How about we give every adult over 18 200 k?? I ask you what would you do with your cut? Pay off bills, buy a house, put a bunch of it in the bank,? Now wouldn't that fix everything? banks would get there money everyone upside down in there house would pay it off.. so there you go please comment and tell me what you think about this. And remember to vote for Griffin 08!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hello my faithful readers, sorry about the delay in my writings. Its good to be back in the blogging world! This is the first time i have gotten to blog on my new computer that my parents bought for me, thanks guys your the best! I wont talk about the drive or the party that my family had because it was about a month ago and 17,000 peeps have already talked about it. I will however talk about what I've been up to. Well I started school on September 22 at the local community college(apparently i didn't have enough foreign language experience for the big school of Portland State), and i love it! Its freaking sweet its been so long since I've been to school and i never would have thought that I would say that I love it.... Weird.... Mondays and Wednesdays I have math and writing, and Tuesdays EspaƱol (did you know that the H is silent in Spanish?) I just got a job at Nordstroms in the mall its right down the road from me. Retail is ok it just will work great so i can go to school in the mornings and work in the evening.

I live in the Sandy of Utah, Tigard Oregon its a suburb of Portland with a sweet mall and just more my style. I am really close to everything school is about 10 min away and work is about 3 min away. Surprisingly not very many bums in the city of tigard, lots of trees but no bums for those of you that have visited the great north west its probably hard to believe but its true! Well kids i really dont have much else to say, what can i say im a man of few words. So Im going to end this post as if i won a Grammy. Thanks to all the people who helped us move! Mom,Scott,Rusty,Collette,Randy,Annie,Jenni,Lynn and Amanda's best friend Amy! A special thanks to Rusty and Collette who put us up for a while and continue to feed us every Sunday and Monday! All you guys are the bomb dot com!